Photo Illustration

Time cover Final

For this assignment we were tasked with creating a magazine like Photo Illustration. The first thing I started with were headlines. What makes a catchy and memorable headline? I decided to use a little play on words. I had a few different ideas but eventually decided I had the best idea for the headline “The Immaculate Deception.” The Immaculate Deception is a play on words for The Immaculate Conception, known to most as the story of Mary conceiving Jesus. Changing the word Conception to Deception helps convey distrust.


My girlfriend posing as Mary.

The next piece of the puzzle was to decide how I was going to make this point. I decided to start with a picture that was a tribute to Mary. With Trump the figurehead of lies and Deception I opted to used his face as well in the final product.

Hymn Fest 2017

Tonight was Hymn Fest 2017. It was a time of worship and solidarity. There were many types of songs, not just your typical church music. There were nine total songs performed tonight and of those nine there was even a few African traditional songs.


Zebulon Highben, is the Associate Professor and Director of Choral Activities. He conducted tonight’s Hymn Fest.

The chapel was filled with many members of the university and surprising a lot of locals of New Concord as well. Everyone is welcome to join in this time of worship and praise. The next Music Department event is scheduled for this coming Friday, November 3, at 7:30 p.m.


Don Kason, Instructor of Trumpet, playing during tonight’s Hymn Fest.

Muskie Volleyball vs. Mount Union

Muskingum’s volleyball team took 3 straight losses on Tuesday night. However they definitely put up a fight against the Raiders of Mount Union. Each of the 3 games played was back and forth and each also ended with Muskingum only down 2 points. The first game ended 25-23, the second 26-24, and the third and final game ended 25-23.


Coaches Hallie Donathan and Kristina Fultz show their excitement after a 3 point route in the first of 3 games.

In the last 5 points of the second game Muskingum had the lead by 3, but Mount Union battled back to snatch the game win 26-24. Muskingum did not go down easily in any of the games played on Tuesday. During every match the women battled for the lead, and it was back and forth the whole night.


Taylour Fatheree goes up for a block in the third and final game of the night. Taylour had 3 blocks on the night, and led the team on blocks.

During the third and final match of the night Muskingum looked to lose a little bit of hope towards the end. Coach Hallie Donathan called a timeout to try to help the girls regain composure. That seemed to help, as they battled back to get 23 of the 25 points needed to take the match. Muskingum however just couldn’t put the nail in the coffin tonight, and Mount Union took all 3 matches. Muskingum takes on OAC opponents at Ohio Northern on Saturday the 21st at 4 p.m.

Muskie Women’s Soccer vs. Otterbein

The Muskie Women’s soccer team played Otterbein Cardinals today. Kickoff was slated for 1pm at the brand new, this year, North Athletic Complex. Otterbein dominated play from the kickoff. Scoring two goals in the opening 20 minutes. The Muskie Women got on the board in the 21st minute of play with a goal by Ali Gilt. Ali was chasing down a defender when the defender tried clearing the ball and Ali blocked the ball and it went into the back of the net. Otterbein led the game entering the second half of play 2-1.

DSC_2681 final

Steph Siwicki challenging Otterbein’s Katie Exline for possesion of the ball. Muskingum’s defense put up a fight in today’s 4-1 loss.

Just 3 minutes into the second half Otterbein netted another goal to put them up 3-1. It took the Cardinals another 20 minutes before they would score their final goal of the match in the 68th minute of play. Muskingum will play Capital University at home this Tuesday. Kickoff is set for 4pm.

DSC_2674 final

Muskingum’s Miranda Bishop fights off a challenge from Otterbeins Holly Bernhold. Miranda led the attack with two shots in today’s game.


Manual Strobe


Franco gets his picture taken while he wasn’t paying attention on the first photoshoot.

The fill flash technique was probably the hardest to get because of the balancing fading light and flash. I wanted to get more of the orange sky, but couldn’t find the right flash settings.


Franco leaning on a tree outside of Montgomery Hall.

The balance flash technique I thought was rather easy to get, the sun wasn’t too bright as it was becoming cloudy. The Cloudiness made for a background that is bright but not too bright, which made it easy to balance the foreground.


Franco Poses in a dark room.

The bounce flash technique was probably the most fun to try. Depending on the angle and where the light is bouncing from gives you different results. The flash was bouncing off the ceiling and was set at 1/2 power and created a soft lighting affect.


Franco stands tall in Caldwell Hall.

The off-camera flash technique came with its difficulties. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why even though the flash was going off, the picture were extremely underexposed. I ended moving the flash behind and to my left to capture this dramatic picture which makes Franco appear intimidating.