Liz Portraits


Final 1

This shot was probably the easiest of the shots I took of Liz. Her laid back attitude is shown with her Indian’s ball cap on and only a hint of a smile. She was facing into the sun, with some trees filtering out most of the sunlight. Her hat creates a shadow across her face, but isn’t too dark to create distraction.

Final 2

This photo was taken  with the sun facing Liz’s torso, but with her face towards the camera, her face is not over-exposed. I also used 1/400 shutter speed to freeze the water in the background. The water color also matches the color of the whale, which adds an interesting element to this picture.

Final 3

Liz is staring adoringly at her wooden whale. She LOVES whales, and this picture depicts that love. The background begins to blur, helping separate the the background and foreground.

Final 4

Although the sky is quite bright and over-exposed, this is my favorite picture that was taken. Again Liz is showing her love of whales by staring at it adoringly. Another thing I loved about this photo is the cool, blueish light that was produced by being in the shade of a building. With her whale being a turquoise, and her shirt being dark blue, it really adds a calming sense to the picture.

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