Manual Strobe


Franco gets his picture taken while he wasn’t paying attention on the first photoshoot.

The fill flash technique was probably the hardest to get because of the balancing fading light and flash. I wanted to get more of the orange sky, but couldn’t find the right flash settings.


Franco leaning on a tree outside of Montgomery Hall.

The balance flash technique I thought was rather easy to get, the sun wasn’t too bright as it was becoming cloudy. The Cloudiness made for a background that is bright but not too bright, which made it easy to balance the foreground.


Franco Poses in a dark room.

The bounce flash technique was probably the most fun to try. Depending on the angle and where the light is bouncing from gives you different results. The flash was bouncing off the ceiling and was set at 1/2 power and created a soft lighting affect.


Franco stands tall in Caldwell Hall.

The off-camera flash technique came with its difficulties. I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out why even though the flash was going off, the picture were extremely underexposed. I ended moving the flash behind and to my left to capture this dramatic picture which makes Franco appear intimidating.


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